I suck. I haven’t posted here in like, forever! This is about in line with the rest of my life. Things have been a bit chaotic and my food struggles have definitely increased.

I cannot eat fast food anymore. It GROSSES me out in the worst way. After years of turning to a quick, greasy burger and fries when in a pinch, I’ve found that it doesn’t work for me like it once did. I guess you can’t put that egg back in the chicken? (ah, what a well placed analogy)

So. Here I am. Trying to figure out how to put healthy, quick meals in to an overworked, stressed work-at-home-mom’s life. Suggestions, ideas? I have been leaning more and more vegetarian as time wears on me. Ground beef is flailing in my meal repertoire and I just cannot make chicken every night. I need good suggestions for cooking fish at home and easy, delicious vegetarian recipes.




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  1. Turia

    Just wanted to comment to say I am reading. I will get some recipes/ideas for you, but don’t have time right this minute to post them. But we eat veggie probably 6 dinners out of 7 most weeks. And we are time-poor too, so I definitely can pass along some suggestions!

    Also- I am exactly the same way with fast food now. On the very rare occasions where I eat it, I always end up feeling so sick.

  2. Do you like Salmon? We grill fresh salmon. I sprinkle a little kosher salt, some fresh ground pepper, and drizzle with some olive oil. It is really good. I usually serve that with my caprese salad, or a caesar salad (I make my own caesar dressing). I like grilled portabella sandwiches a lot. I serve those with sweet potato fries. When it is not quite as hot out I make veggie panini sandwiches. I put pesto on homemade bread, sliced grilled zucchini, sun dried tomatoes (or roasted tomatoes), some cheese. I also make pesto pizza. I usually put grilled squash, grilled chicken, mozzarella, and roasted tomatoes on top of the cheese.

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